The following list shows wines currently available at the LCBO and a sampling of the wines offered by Mauro`s Wine Agency for purchase from the LCBO on the customer’s behalf.
These wines are available within 8 to 12 weeks of submitting the order with LCBO Specialty Services and can only be purchased by the case (6 or 12 bottles) unless they are currently listed at the LCBO (General List, Vintages or On-Line) as shown. Prices are based on current shipping costs and currency exchange rates, delivery extra. The supplier may not be able to provide the vintage shown.

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The Coli winery, located between Florence and Siena in Tuscany, was founded in 1926. This winery has a capacity of over 12 million bottles annually but also has smaller “single vineyards” of select super Tuscan wines such a Chianti Classico Riserva and Brunello di Montalcino. Their large production facility allows Coli to produce well known Tuscan wines at a low cost without sacrificing quality.

Rosso Toscano IGT ($9.95)

Bianco Toscano IGT ($9.95)

Sangiovese di Toscana 2014 IGT ($11.95)

Chianti 2014 DOCG ($12.95)

Chianti 2014 DOCG “Straw Flask” ($16.95)

Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2014 DOCG ($13.95) LCBO Item #283084 (LCBO Italian wine boutique store)

Chianti Classico 2014 DOCG ($16.70) LCBO Item #244938 (LCBO Italian wine boutique store)

Chianti Classico Riserva 2009 DOCG ($16.95) LCBO Item #436949 (LCBO Vintages)

Chianti Classico “Pratale” 2013 DOCG ($19.95)

Chianti Classico Riserva “Montignaga” 2009 DOCG ($22.95)

Brunello di Montalcino 2010 DOCG ($46.95)


This boutique winery in northeastern Italy (DOC Isonzo del Friuli) produces exceptional red and white wines using biodynamic (natural) methods. Sulfite contents are well below LCBO requirements and in most wines within organic parameters. This area of Italy is known for its white wines, which are considered the best examples of Italian wine in that style.

Cabernet Franc 2011 I.G.T. Venezia Giulia ($24.95)

Merlot Riserva 2013 I.G.T. Venezia Giulia ($29.60) LCBO Item #250257 (LCBO Italian wine boutique store)

Blanc di Simon (Tocai) 2015 I.G.T. Venezia Giulia ($25.80) LCBO Item #250232 (LCBO Italian wine boutique store)

Blanc Tradition (Tocai) 2009 I.G.T. Venezia Giulia ($35.95)

Malvasia 2013 I.G.T. Venezia Giulia ($24.95)

Sauvignon 2013 I.G.T. Venezia Giulia ($24.95)

Pinot Grigio 2013 I.G.T. Venezia Giulia ($24.95)

Rine Blanc 2012 I.G.T. Venezia Giulia ($24.95) NEW (Blend of Pinot Bianco, Sauvignon, Malvasia and Tramminer)



This particular sparkling (frizzante) red wine is from what is regarded the best Lambrusco DOC region in the world located near the City of Modena (home of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, and Balsamic Vinegar). Lambrusco is one of the most consumed wines in Italy and is very low on sulphites/tannins and low in alcohol. Fresh and refreshing summer wine - easy to drink, Lambrusco DOC comes from 3 regions in the Modena area: Sorbara, Grasparossa, and Salamino. Vini Casolari has wines from all three regions. Dry Lambrusco - smooth, ruby coloured, great bouquet, low acidity all round fine wine for most foods. There is also a sweet and semi-sweet Lambrusco for desert foods - e.g. Cakes, ice cream, chocolate, etc. Casolari was the official supplier of Lambrusco to Luciano Pavarotti, the late tenor from the Modena area. Pavarotti’s wife (Nicoletta) is related to Casolari (cousin). For all his tours Pavarotti would take 25 cases of Lambrusco with him.

Lambrusco di Sorbara D.O.C. 2012 Tenuta Casolari  ($16.95)

Lambrusco di Sorbara D.O.C. 2012 TC Scintilla d’Amore  ($16.95)

Lambrusco di Sorbara D.O.C. 2012 Scintilla d’Amore ($14.60) LCBO Item # 336065 (General List)

Lambrusco di Sorbara D.O.C. 2012 IL Lambrusco Del Nonno ($14.95)

Lambrusco di Sorbara D.O.C. 2012 Linea Bollino Oro ($12.95)

Lambrusco Grasparossa D.O.C. Linea Bollino Oro ($12.95)

Lambrusco I.G.T. Linea Bollino Oro ($9.95)

Prosecco D.O.C. Extra Dry ($15.95)

Malvasia Dolce Colli Piacentini D.O.C. ($15.95)

Updated: January 2017


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